Fostering Sustainable Rapid Growth

For companies between 10 - 250 + employees 


 We are happy to announce the unveiling of our new company name and logo: 

Team Traction. We feel that "Team Traction" more clearly defines what we do with our clients. We work together with our clients as a Team to help them gain the Traction they need within their businesses to achieve higher levels of success than they ever imagined.


About Us


About Dan

About Dan

About Dan

 Dan has created, operated, grown and successfully sold 4 separate companies - both strategic and private equity placements.

 His companies have created over 400 jobs. He is an experienced Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Board Member and Consultant.  As an active member of both North Coast Angels and Alpine Capital, Dan holds equity positions with early stage and growth companies.

Dan is a Professional EOS Implementer™ and is experienced in implementing process to support rapid and sustainable growth in the companies he works with . He is an instructor in the ICorps Ohio program based at Ohio State University and trained in lean launch and growth methodologies. 

Dan is a past recipient of the

 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year  award. 


Why EOS®?

About Dan

About Dan

Because working ON your business, instead of IN your business, is the way to attain sustainable rapid growth.


EOS is a global organization of successful entrepreneurs from a variety of business backgrounds and industries. We implement a system called EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, to strengthen and develop leadership teams of growth-oriented entrepreneurial companies with 

10 to 250 employees.

 EOS is used by over 10,000 companies to help align vision, create accountability, transparency and efficiencies and to foster sustainable rapid growth. 

EOS offers proven process, tools and templates to align your entire Sr. Management team down the same path; and to empower your business to achieve BIG common goals.


Why Us?

About Dan

Why Us?

Because we have lived the life of small business entrepreneurs for 30 years.

We've started, grown and successfully sold four different companies over those 30 years.  We've made mistakes and learned. 

We've skipped paying ourselves in the 

early years of our companies in order to make payroll for our staff.  We've counted and rolled quarters to buy groceries. 

And we've successfully managed just about every sales, marketing, operational, financial and personnel issue a small and growing business can face. 

We get it. We've lived it. And now, we share our experience and follow a proven methodology, EOS.  Get your Sr. Management on the same path. Accelerate your own growth and learn to work ON your business instead 

of IN your business.   


The EOS Story

EOS is used by over 10,000 companies to align vision, empower management and foster sustainable fast growth. From manufacturing to professional Services to Retail to Logistics to Online Businesses. EOS works. 



“EOS provided our company with a framework for multi-level communication, efficiency, and accountability, but Dan Rose provided us with clear and decisive context for implementation, without which, we would have likely shelved the book and the philosophy. 

Dan is an operational expert by training and a strategic thinker by habit – his willingness to truly hear our needs and adapt to help us find our niche within EOS has made our implementation process seamless, resulting in a highly motivated executive team. 

We are light-years beyond where our company was when we 

began this process and we  certainly consider Dan an honorary 

member of our internal leadership team.”

Nora Mahoney  

Vice President and Counsel, 

Carleton McKenna & Co. c: 440-521-4853


“I’ve run my companies on EOS and know Dan Rose has a terrific background to implement. Dan is a multi-time successful entrepreneur who had dealt with 101 different issues in running his own companies. He has the type of the first-hand experience to share while implanting EOS for his clients. He’s really well suited as a strong EOS implementer and shares our Midwestern values.”  

Nick Began

International Countertop Consultants  c: 216-310-8878


We would not be using EOS if not for Dan Rose. His leadership helped our team to focus on what mattered most which advanced our company’s mission. Because of Dan and EOS our company’s communication has increased so much that our stress levels have plummeted while our productivity and (most importantly), our sales have ascended to a high we didn’t know we could manage without increasing costs. We thought we had a strong management team before, but because of Dan and EOS we now have a stronger more tenacious team. Everything starts with leadership, and we wouldn’t be able to see our future as clearly without Dan.”

Ed McNamara

CEO, Armada Insurance Brokerage c: 440-773-7712


“We love EOS and Dan Rose has made it EVEN BETTER as our implementer. His significant experience as an entrepreneur has added unique value to the entire journey. If we had tried to self-implement, I believe we’d have accomplished maybe 40% of the productivity and acceleration we’ve achieved thus far. Our entire leadership team recommends Dan for EOS.”

Todd Federman

Managing Director, North Coast Angel Fund c: 216-262-0478

Is Your Company Healthy?

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Follow the link below and take an Organizational Check-Up to discover your company's strengths and weaknesses. 

We will have a Professional EOS Implementer contact you to help you analyze the results.

Get Traction For Your Business


Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

Learn how to work ON your business instead of IN your business. 

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TEAM TRACTION Consulting & Advisory

Armada Insurance

North Coast Angel Funds

North Coast Angel Funds

 Armada Risk Partners is an all risk insurance brokerage firm.  Property & Casualty, Health & Wellness, Personal Insurance, Environmental Liability, and High Net Worth Insurance 

North Coast Angel Funds

North Coast Angel Funds

North Coast Angel Funds

 North Coast Angel Fund (NCAF) is a contributed capital and “sidecar” pre-seed investment fund with a focus on early-stage technology investments 

C.A. Litzler

North Coast Angel Funds

Streamlink Software

C.A. Litzler designs and manufactures custom industrial systems including Dryers, Ovens, Tire Cord and Prepreg Machines. Other Divisions include Radio Frequency, Microwave and Combination Heating and Drying Systems. 

Streamlink Software

Juventas Therapeutics

Streamlink Software

Streamlink is a SaaS based software solution for the governance and grant management of not-for-profit boards, community colleges and municipalities. 


Juventas Therapeutics

Juventas Therapeutics

Groupmatics is a white-label group ticketing platform used by MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL and Minor league professional sports teams and other public event organizations to manage group sales and collect event attendee data.  

Juventas Therapeutics

Juventas Therapeutics

Juventas Therapeutics

 Juventas Therapeutics is a private, clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel non-viral gene therapies that activate natural processes to repair the body. 

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